Visiting Camp

Visiting Camp

Camp Yavneh Visiting Camp

Welcome, we’d love to show you Camp Yavneh in action! Join us for a tour this summer!

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Three ways to book a tour:

  1.      Call us at 603-942-5593
  2.      Email us at
  3.      Fill out form by clicking here

Please consider the following when booking your tour:
We only give tours during the summer when camp is in session. Please make an appointment to come to camp so that we can give you our utmost attention. If you drop by we might be out on a camp trip! Generally, tours are given between 10:00 am and noon or 2:00 to 4:00 pm. The tours are given by experienced Yavneh staff. Debbie Sussman (Director) is available to meet with every family to answer any questions that you or your children might have.

Please note that we do not schedule tours for Friday afternoon or Shabbat. Please be in touch with us if you need to cancel or change your date.

Places to Stay

There are many hotels to choose from about 30 minutes to camp in Portsmouth, Concord or Manchester, NH. Please go online at, or for a large selection. Durham, NH or Dover, NH are also close by and have several options as well.